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Spring Purses from Daisy Bags


Meet the lovely Jill Scales over at Daisy Bags. We know that our readers are going to want one of each from her shop.

1. All of your Daisy Bags look amazing. How did you get started in your business?

I’ve always loved sewing-in high school I made my own clothes. When my girlfriends started having babies, they all got baby quilts. Sewing has always been a part of my life. In 2004, I was on the search for an affordable bag featuring a photo of my first “baby” – a black Labrador retriever named Daisy. I found one — for $200. Rather than fork over that much cash, I decided to just make one myself. I took it to work and everyone loved it. Timing was perfect–it happened to be right before Mother’s Day. Handbags with pictures of children, grandchildren, pets, and loved ones were the perfect gift idea. Several orders where placed and Daisy Bags was launched. I left my retail management job that fall to create and design full time.


2. What are some gift giving ideas that you have in your shop for spring?

The Flower wristlet was a huge hit for the holidays and continues to be popular for the spring. The cross body flat bag is also a top seller and great gift item. The medium sized flower bag is a big item for Mother’s Day. It is the perfect size bag to hold your wristlet and other essentials.


3. It seems like there is a Daisy Bag for every need. Can you tell Wickedly Chic readers some of the different items that you carry and how they can use them in their every day lives?

I started out just making fun colorful handbags. Then I realized I needed accessories to organize all my “junk”. Every item I make was originated from a need I had to make my life easier or more organized.

Starting with the very basic Merimini-credit card organizer. It fits perfectly in my wristlet and keeps all my card organized. I use my wristlet every day. It fits my merimini, cell phone, money and keys and is perfect to use by itself when I am running to the store, going out to dinner with friends or to a movie. When I need to carry more, I throw my wristlet in my big bag and have plenty of room to spare.

The cross body flat bags and messenger bags are great for those who want to be hands free. I designed the first cross body bag right after my second child was born. When I had the infant carrier on my arm-my handbag kept slipping off my shoulder and hitting him in the face. Poor little guy didn’t like that. The messenger bag solved that problem.


Another thing I could not have lived without was the babypack. I designed it when my daughter was a baby. I needed something to organize diapers and wipes. The babypack is a changing pad that conveniently wraps around diapers and wipe and is secured by an elastic band. They make great baby gifts. I also recommend one for grandma’s house.

My newest product is the cell phone keeper. I need something to protect my phone when I went to the beach. I wanted to be able to carry my phone, id and some cash without having to take my entire wristlet. The keeper has a pocket for my phone and 2 slots for money and a couple cards. It folds in half and is secured with an elastic band. It has a carabiner so you can clip it to your camera strap, belt loop, stroller or any bag strap. It ended up also being perfect when we went to Disney. I clipped it to my camera strap and didn’t need to carry anything else.

4. There are so many entrepreneurs out there or women who are thinking of starting their own businesses. What one piece of advice do you have to give that you wish you would have known when you began on your entrepreneurial journey?

Don’t be afraid to try and fail. I’ve tried several new designs and they have gone nowhere. From those failures new and better things were born. Do your market research. Make sure what you have to provide is new and different and will work in the marketplace. Take full advantage of social media and the power of word of mouth advertising.