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KOEZY – Perfect for Cold Weather


We’re chatting with our friends over at KOEZY this week. KOEZY answers an untapped need in the women’s apparel market– a wraparound jacket that transitions from indoors to outdoors and combines style, comfort, practicality and affordability.

1. Tell us about KOEZY. It seems like such a fabulous idea – a warm wrap that you can dress either up or down – and wear practically anywhere.

KOEZY provides the first ever stylish layering accessory that fuses contemporary fashion with warmth and comfort. Our right-weight micro fleece fabric provides cozy warmth in a wide range of temperatures. Each KOEZY is long-sleeved, has an adjustable closure, fits into any lifestyle and transitions easily from inside wear to outside wear. KOEZY can be layered over an existing outfit, adding more style. This timeless garment is lightweight, wrinkle free, washable, and reasonably priced – and available in four sizes.

2. Where did you come up with the idea for KOEZY?

On a cool summer night in 2011, Chicagoland neighbors Kathy Brosmith and Marcia Hischke were wearing Snuggies on a lakeside dock with a group of friends. They found it difficult to get up or to reach for anything because of the clumsiness of the Snuggie! The conversation led to how awkward, ugly, and impractical the Snuggie is. All the women on that lakeside dock admitted to owning an “Ugly Black Sweater”. The group decided that these products were totally humiliating. It was agreed that women everywhere need an accessory to enhance their outfit while being stylish, fashion forward and functional – indoors as well as outdoors. The KOEZY idea was born!

Kathy and Marcia decided to create a fashion statement that could be proudly worn in public yet comfortable and cozy, stylish and chic – unlike the ratty sweater or the Snuggie. Their search was fruitless. No other women’s product had the features they needed and wanted. They both agreed KOEZY is the answer!

3. The holidays are on their way. Are KOEZY’s easy to order and what kind of sizing information to buyers need to know before purchasing gifts? What colors do you offer?

KOEZY was designed to be roomy so it can be used as a layering piece. Our sizes are small (2-6), medium (8-12), large (14-18) and extra-large (20-24)—which is more generous than most extra larges).

KOEZY is available in three popular colors to accessorize any outfit: black (with turquoise closure), ivory (with tortoiseshell closure) and camel (with tortoiseshell closure).

As a special treat we will offer Wickedly Chic readers a special price of $39.99 (a $10.00 savings). Readers just need to put holiday in as the coupon code!

4. There are many people out there who are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or who are just getting started. What one piece of advice can you share that you wish you knew before you started?

We were challenged with how to best sell KOEZY. We counted on internet sales when in fact we learned the best way to sell KOEZY is directly with a sales force. Our advice for entrepreneurs is to test different sales channels before you launch.