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Meet Blouse Button


We’re interviewing Melissa Listhaus over at Blouse Button this week. There are many reasons why women need blouse buttons – read on to see what Melissa has to tell us about her shop. These would make fabulous stocking stuffers for the holidays!

1. You’ve recently purchased a website from an existing owner. What made you decide to go into business for yourself?

I have been wanting to start my own business for quite some time, I have just been waiting for the right opportunity. When I came across this product, I realized that this was a true problem solver that could not only help women everywhere save precious time getting ready to start their busy day – but also enhance the way their outfits look. The combination of being able to be in business for myself and being able to help other women was an opportunity I could not pass by.

2. Tell us about Blouse Button and why women need one (or two or three).

Blouse Button was invented to help women solve a huge problem – the blouse gap. The old solution for me was trying to manipulate a safety pin without causing its own gapping and showing through a blouse, ruining the whole look. The new solution is the Blouse Button. They are so easy to use – just like a stick pin, simply push it through your blouse for the perfect look. Blouse Buttons are also perfect for holding your scarf, sarong, wrap top, or even just as an accessory to your favorite outfit. They can also expand your wardrobe by taking tops that are relegated for evening wear, helping to make them appropriate for day wear, for the office, or anyplace else you have to go that requires a bit more modesty. Blouse Buttons also make great gifts and come in a variety of colors so you can easily find one to match any of your tops.

3. There are always many people who are new to being an entrepreneur or are thinking about starting a business. What one piece of advice do you have that you could share?

Easy beginnings are far and few between and there are so many details to running a business. Be prepared to commit lots of time and make sure the product or service you are offering is something you are passionate about. Stick with your business and listen to customer feedback and the results can be very rewarding.

4. With the holidays quickly approaching, will you have any new or special items for the season?

We have actually just added a new color, light siam, which is a red and is perfect for the holiday season. We are also looking into adding new shapes to our line based on customer feedback and we hope to have those available early next year.