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J. Kelsch Handmade Jewelry

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We’re loving the jewelry this week that’s handcrafted by jewelry designer, Jamie Kelsch. After you read our interview, you know you are going to want to buy yourself a piece (or two).

1. Jamie, you have some of the most gorgeous jewelry out there. What inspires you to create such lovely pieces?

Thank you! Apparent in much of my earlier work where you’ll find delicate leaf shapes and organic lines, I drew a lot of inspiration from nature. “Flight”, my latest line, is much edgier and draws more on the urban landscape.

2. How did you get started and decide to go into business for yourself?

At the University of Kentucky, I interned at a decorative arts museum founded by an amazing jewelry designer. His work inspired me to transfer to a school that offered jewelry design. I found one at Colorado State University and received a BFA in jewelry making/metal smithing. Post graduation, I worked at a jewelry boutique in Santa Monica where I sold custom pieces and was taught by my peers how to market this art form as a business. Then I ventured into doing trade shows, where I learned the wholesale aspect of the jewelry business.

3. The season for gift giving is right around the corner. What gift ideas do you have for those buyers who need special gifts but don’t have a lot of time to spend shopping and browsing?

I have been gearing up for the holidays by working with two or three toned metal pieces (gold fill, silver, and oxidized silver). These are great gifts because if you’re not sure if the person you’re buying for wears silver or gold, you’ve got them both covered in one piece of jewelry. I always recommend earrings as gift ideas since there is no sizing involved. As far as where to buy your gifts in a short amount of time, I would suggest going to any of the upcoming holiday events where you can walk around and see a variety of gifts all under one roof! I’ll have a booth at this year’s Renegade Craft Fair, November 24-25 at the Palmer Events Center! It’s a fun way to support artisans!

4. What one piece of advice would you have for budding entrepreneurs or those who may feel stuck along the path?

Always ask for help when you need it. The more you network and are involved in your community, the more successful you will be. You have to be confident in your product and know how to talk to customers so they become as excited to buy your product as you are to sell it. Try doing as many inexpensive local craft and art shows as you can to build yourself up!