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Diana Kirkpatrick Jewelry


We’re chatting with jewelry designer, Diana Kirkpatrick, this week about her indie business & her unique designs. Be sure to keep her in mind for your holiday gift giving AND your holiday party accessories.

1. Diana, you have a jewelry shop full of your handcrafted jewelry. What made you decide to become an entrepreneur?

I had a costume business for many years and when that business was sold, I suddenly had time on my hands. I’ve always loved making jewelry, beginning when my mother showed me how make earrings from buttons, so I started designing some jewelry pieces for friends. I think a natural outgrowth of making jewelry is the desire to share it with others – gifts to friends and relatives led to some home parties and my friends encouraged me to broaden my horizons. I love designing jewelry and working for myself.

2. What are some of the most popular pieces of jewelry that you sell?

Earrings and rings are definitely my best sellers with necklaces a close third.

3. Shoppers are getting ready to purchase holiday gifts. What new items do you have that you might recommend for this year’s gift giving?

It depends on what types of jewelry the person wears. My necklace and earring designs are good choices for most people and are available in a range of prices. Sometimes gift certificates are the perfect choice. Also – I’ve started adding some new metal designs for the holidays. Watch my main website and my Etsy shop for those.

4. Sometimes it’s hard to really keep going when you have your own business. What one piece of advice could you share with other business owners that has helped you?

Believe in yourself and keep a positive attitude. Don’t be afraid to share with a friend when you hit a rough spot – another person can often provide helpful insights and good ideas, even if they are not in the business.